GREEN MOUSE SAYS: Jason Applegate should run for State Senate


When this popped up on retiring State Senator Ron Grooms’ feed, I couldn’t help myself.






Of course the dedication went out to Kevin Boehnlein because he’s the GOP’s handpicked successor to Grooms, and since I’m not a Republican, there is little to be said about this apart from it being the least unexpected outcome since the Dodgers acquired Max Schertzer.

The alley-oop lob pass was too good to resist, but actually I’ll wait to withhold my vote in this particular race until I see what sort of candidate the DemoDisneyDixiecrats are able to muster. I’m guessing that the supply of retired teachers for use as cannon fodder has dissipated, so for once the choice might actually be interesting.

The Green Mouse and I agree that we’d love to see the Dickeyites run at-large city councilman Jason Applegate in this race. I all seriousness, there’s probably aren’t any local Democrats capable of winning this seat, but it sure would be interesting to see how Applegate’s burgeoning lifestyle-driven media empire plays its cards in the contest.

This election is in 2022, so Applegate could run while retaining his city council seat, all the while burnishing his amorphous platform credentials as the mayoral heir apparent, just in case Jeff Gahan decides to skip town in 2023 just ahead of the forthcoming indictments.

Remember, in the end it’s MY entertainment that matters most. If I really must be exiled to this open air museum of ignorance, superstition and backwardness, there need to be a few laughs at the end of the long, satirical day.