Down the rabbit hole with Radio GDR


Merely a bookmark to offer: Radio GDR.

Life in the former East Germany holds an ongoing fascination for many people.
Join us on the East Germany Podcast as we learn more about the former East Germany. Photos, news items, podcast reports, blog posts and more! We discuss life in and share photos and news of the former German Democratic Republic. This is a historical site and does not glorify the former GDR. (Politically non-aligned.)

Making a long story short, I have right knee and left hip issues, and have been doing 25 minutes of daily exercises to alleviate the stiffness and pain. Consequently, having podcasts as accompaniment makes sense. Concurrently, given my obsession with the GDR before and after the legendary 1989 visit, discovering this web site has been a good thing, indeed.

Also an expensive thing, given that I’ve already ordered two books featured therein.

On one hand, our forthcoming Common Haus restaurant and beer hall project won’t have much to do with East Germany. However, I’m sure there will be convergences as we move forward; a Trabi portrait on the wall, and maybe some archival photos.