Strong Towns: “The American Jobs Plan Will Make Our Infrastructure Crisis Worse”


It’s a funny thing living in Nawbany. The Democrats claim to be progressive, and insist they understand principles pertaining to worldviews like the Strong Towns model, but they do otherwise. Meanwhile, the most prominent Republicans in my city actually do grasp Strong Towns-think, but can do little because Democrats wield power in the municipality, and use it to maintain the usual political patronage arrangement.


I just keep trying to convince my “progressive” neighbors that it’s more important to act progressively than merely post cute yard signs.

Take it away, Charles Marohn. Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you, even as Nawbany’s mayor covetously gazes at beak-wetters like HWC Engineering.

An aside to local Democrats: Whaddya say just for once, 86 the arrogance and read a bit?

To grow a resilient town or city, we must focus instead on some unglamorous—but essential—investments. In case you missed it, here’s the whole series:

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