Just a bit of Germany in Jeffersonville; that’s plenty enough


Here’s the link at Louisville Business First.

Pints & Union owner to open German beer hall near the Big Four Bridge

The first year I hit the road for Europe, experiencing Germany was a must. I wasn’t sure I’d ever do such a thing, ever again, but other trips somehow came (as they will in cases of overriding obsession), and now I can look back with extreme gratitude on 21 visits to Germany spread out through the years 1985 – 2019.
I’d return tomorrow if it were possible.

For me to say “I love Deutschland” is an epic understatement, although the German language continues to elude me, and at this stage of the game, aspirations to be an expatriate there probably have expired.

That’s okay, and it’s why I’m euphoric about the opportunity to do my bit to help bring just a little bit of Germany to Jeffersonville.

Obviously, whatever I’m able to do with the beer program to help Common Haus succeed, it cannot ever be as it would if each of us were Germans, or living in Bavaria, or any other way of saying that Joe’s project will be an homage to the Old Country, not Germany itself.

But as homages go, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. I’m by no means an expert on Germany. At the same time, I know what Germany FEELS like, and by extension, I’m confident that Common Haus will have this feel.

Thanks again to Joe, Steven, Troy and everyone at Pints&union, past and present, for your work in making Pints a springboard of sorts. Since there’ll be a bit of beer retrofitting at Pints, here’s MY announcement: later this summer Fuller’s ESB should be joining Pride and Porter as an everyday draft.