Welcome to Roger’s web site, an “Exile on Spring Street”


“Exile is a dream of a glorious return. Exile is a vision of revolution: Elba, not St Helena. It is an endless paradox: looking forward by always looking back. The exile is a ball hurled high into the air.”
― Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses

It will take some time to get into a routine, but welcome to my web site, a successor of sorts to the long-running NA Confidential.

All I can tell you as we drift out to sea is that there’ll be writing here. Apart from that, the prevailing winds will determine my direction. However, the overarching thematic tone will be that of an expatriate in place; someone who should be elsewhere but remains right here, marooned on a desert island of incomprehension.

Thanks to Jason Smith for his kindness in getting things started.

“It’s a kindness that the mind can go where it wishes.”
― Publius Ovidius Naso, The Poems of Exile: Tristia and the Black Sea Letters